About Advaya

Doors to Mojaris, Sarees to Architecture.. Powerful? Indeed.

Doors to Mojaris, Sarees to Architecture.. Powerful? Indeed.

I am a strong believer of re-connecting with history, roots & never go out of style.

I see. I love. I create.

I believe the  Crafts & Culture are our strong forte that we can any day fall back on & carry along with lots of élan. Advaya was born with this concept and a small effort to showcase various ways to a luxurious, fashionable living but at hushed expense. Advaya brings along a colossal range of products starting from handicrafts & décor to apparels in natural earthy colors with a little tinge of brights here & there, straight from the artisan’s nest from all states. Intent to pay lot of attention to details, and bring you products that are not only of a classic finesse but also pose as a visual delicacy be it adorning you or your beautiful abode.

So join me on my journey here at Advaya Tales & get to know your roots, history, tradition, culture  better. We’ll stroll together through the Colors, Crafts, Heritage, Geographies, Style, Fashion and the Dreams that all stars are made of. We’ll share the stories that we have heard from our Gran’ma or “Thakumar Jhuli ” ( folk tales book in Bengali ) the Master Craftsmen we work with & the stories of our hearts tugged with so much art & craft. I promise to delight you at every visit! So don’t wait to Re-Connect.. And I  would love it more if you participate, discuss, share stories, & connect with us here or at advayatales@gmail.com. Happy to hear from you!

Archita Chatterjee



  1. Vibha · June 12, 2016

    Hi Archita Would love to connect with you. Please get in touch


  2. Rajesh Chatterjee · February 8, 2017

    something unique…quite impressive


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